INTERVIEW: Self Defense Family


They are a band that has built its reputation on pushing boundaries since they formed back in 2003. Self Defense Family puts its uniqueness down to being a bunch of weirdo’s, borderline arsehole’s and providing no fan service, just doing what the hell they want.
With the band releasing its fifth full length record ‘Heaven is Earth’ along with a bunch of other releases it seems the band isn’t going to change its ways just yet.

Just an Insight caught up with vocalist Patrick Kindlon after the release of the new records to talk about the bands collective ethos and how they manage to keep things so fresh.

Patrick Kindlon

Patrick Kindlon

Kindlon said: ‘It is not nature to make anyone happy in music, so we never fall into that fear of writing too far outside our sound.
‘We repeat ourselves when we want to, and do entirely different things when we want to.
‘We all want to experience something different, like the way I have to eat potato chips when I eat cake.
‘Self Defense makes music that the individuals in the band wouldn’t make on their own.
‘We all respect each other’s ability, the small differences in our individual sensibilities are what make the songs interesting.’

As the band is made up of most session musicians, Self Defense never appear to be short of idea’s and this is apparent by the amount of time they spend in the studio.
As members are spread all across the USA, it means that Kindlon and this group of misfits can turn up in any town, and record some tracks.
This is a theme that has made ‘Heaven is Earth’ so unique.
Recorded in four different studios, which all have different musical backgrounds, brought about truly amazing results.
The band recorded at GodCity Studios, Dead Air Studio, Miner Street Recordings and Sone Lab, the results really shows each producers individual style on the record.

‘We haven’t had a traditional studio experience in a while,’ adds Kindlon.
‘Typically we record live and we are only in the studio for a short stay, we like to keep it moving.
‘What made ‘Heaven is Earth’ fun is that we could compare things, we wanted to know how one room would compared to another and how the engineers would compare.
‘Some engineers are known for bringing out certain qualities and we wanted to lean into that.’


As well as their unconventional approach to recording, Self Defense are renowned for having strong lyrical content.
This is down to the genius mind of Kindlon, which never seems to switch off and is constantly writing lyrics throughout all their rrecords
Kindlon said: ‘My lyrics are based on whatever is going on in my life at the moment, on rare occasions, I’ll try to give myself markers to consider when writing.
‘For example, I’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate specific locations into songs, because I realized it’s something I really enjoy in other people’s work, and I like my work less when it’s not grounded or tactile.
‘So, I’ve tried things like that, with varying success and adherence, basically, once I’m in the studio writing, it’s whatever comes out is what gets sung.’

Even though the band has only just released another full length, work for the next EP is already in the works.
With two more to follow that, the work load never stops for Self Defense who will be touring the West Coast of America later this year before jetting off to Australia for the first time.

Listen to Self Defense here

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