LIVE REVIEW: Prawn @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 6th July 2015


What better way to spend a hot summers day in July, than inside a small sweaty room full of bands playing punk music.
Well this is how we decided to spend our Monday night, as Prawn and Hindsights began the UK leg of their European Tour.
Having wanted to see the boys from New Jersey again for almost three years since the last time I saw them, I was really excited for this one.
Kicking off proceedings were Nevermind Me, a band I hadn’t really heard much about but I was thoroughly impressed with what I was hearing.

Nevermind Me

Nevermind Me

With a dark shoegaze sound, it was like listening to a heavier Now, Now.

Their stage presence leaves much to the imagination, but in my opinion this goes with the sound they are putting across.
With five more bands to get through, a swift change over saw Larkhill take to the stage.
Now I have to be honest, I lost interest while they were on stage. Talking about getting high and even having songs named about getting stone, it really wasn’t my cup of tea.

The vocalist gravely vocals just seemed forced and their music was just a bit sloppy overall.
Things picked up when it was the turn of Water Canvas.
I had heard good things of these guys, and from listening to their bandcamp before the show I was impressed, and live I was not disappointed.

Water Canvas

Water Canvas

The boys playing a home town show have the potential to be the next big, emo rock band to come out of this city.
With shades of Basement in their sound, their live performance is engaging and I already cannot wait to see where things go for these guys.
There was then a change of pace as acoustic artist Brightr, gave the crowd an emotion filled performance.

At points his voice sounded like Parker Cannon from The Story So Far, which I hope the man himself sees’ as a compliment.
The man with the guitar was almost reduced to tears playing an emotionally driven song about a lost friend. It really hit a nerve with many members of the crowd, but he also won the applause of those who had never heard of him before.

It was then time for Hindsights to take the stage. Despite a bit of technical difficult to start the set – which saw both guitarist get very frustrated – they ran through their set very smoothly.

The thing that really surprised me with Hindsights set was the amount of teenage girls who were front and centre for their set.
Last time I had seen them, there was people jumping of the stage left, right and centre, but tonight just a group of girls at the front singing every word back to vocalist Benio Baumgart.
Closing the night were the boys from New Jersey, Prawn.

Despite my excitement, the bands performance didn’t quite live up to expectations, don’t get me wrong they are extremely tight, and they got the fans singing along – one crowd member even hanging off the lighting rig.
It may have been the fact that I didn’t recognise a lot of the songs they played, but for me there was just something lacking.


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