What is next for Kevin Owens


When he first came to WWE he was billed as the bulldozing prize fighter, who would only fight on his terms and only for a prize.

After making an instant impact on NXT by attacking Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens has probably been one of the best things for mainstream wrestling for a long time.

Ok you have Brock Lesnar who is a real beast, but Owens is sadistic, he is methodical in his approach and he knows what he wants to achieve.

It was clear he wasn’t going to stay at NXT very long before getting pushed up to the main roster, and boy did he make an impact there with an incredible match against John Cena.

Kevin Owens taunting John Cena at elimination chamber

Kevin Owens taunting John Cena at elimination chamber

Since then it almost seems like this kick ass heavy weight has lost his intimidation, backing down from fights and using dirty tactics.

His match with Samoa Joe didn’t end cleanly, he lost to Cena in his rematch,, then suffered his first pin-fall on NXT to Finn Balor,

It is a common theme that WWE like to make the seemingly unbeatable look very beatable within the space of a few weeks.

The real kick in the teeth for me was Owens attack on Machine Gun Kelly, which did ooze bad guy, but I think when that happened it was an indication of what WWE wanted to do with Owens.

The problem is the company have a jewel in the crown in Owens, he is a kick ass heel that people hate, but boy can he wrestle and he will please all the smart marks and indie fans who have followed Owens his whole career.

It almost looked as though the WWE had finally got something right with Owens, using the slow burn, don’t put him in front of the crowd competing every week, but making sure his presence was felt.

But the defeat to Cena just seems a bit like it is is going to be same old super Cena.

Now that Owens has dropped the NXT title what is the next natural progression for him, to make sure he does not become another mid-card player, WWE need to play their cards right as Owens could be huge for this company.

Owens faced off against Finn Balor at Beast in the East

Owens faced off against Finn Balor at Beast in the East

So what do WWE do now? Well the logical thing to do is give Owens the US championship and push him to the moon, but is this likely to happen?

We saw how long Cena was without a title, can you really see the E giving the title to a fresh up start like Owens.

So if he doesn’t win at Battleground what is next? WWE need to make sure that Owens is around some form of title picture otherwise he may as well have just stayed on the indie scene.

WWE should be using Owens like he is their new Randy Orton, make him an absolutely killer heel, even potentially get him on board with the authority. Owens needs air time and needs to be ploughing through the roster at a rate of knots.

With any luck, he will claim the title at Battleground and we will see a reign of terror run through the WWE locker room.


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