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As he prepares for possibly the biggest match of his career against Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavy Weight Championship on, July 26.
Big Damo O’Connor claims this will also be Galloway’s biggest challenge on British soil, as he will never have come face-to-face with anyone quite like the Beast from Belfast.
O’Connor’s whole year has been leading up to this match, and is confident that he is the man to end Galloway’s reign at the top of the tree.
Just an Insight managed to catch up with the 6″4 beast after his latest training session, stating he is 100% focused on the ICW belt.

O'Connor goes one-on-one with Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavy Weight Championship

O’Connor goes one-on-one with Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavy Weight Championship

O’Connor said: ‘All this year I have been mentally preparing for this match, I think it is the most ready I have ever been for any match.
‘Drew is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, not just contracted, but in any federation.
‘I want to be the ICW World Heavy Weight Champion, to do that I need to go through the number one free agent in the world.
‘I have a lot of respect for Drew, and it will be great to face one of the best in the world, but also great to walk away with the ICW heavy weight title.’

Big Damo has built a reputation for himself in recent years for calling out some of the biggest names in wrestling, and he doesn’t intend to stop at Galloway.
The beast is on a mission to become the greatest ‘Big Man’ in wrestling and there is nothing that is going to stand in his way.
He believes that some people may look down on UK wrestlers as they aren’t as ‘glamorous’, however, O’Connor is proof that people here in the UK can hang with the big boys.

‘I don’t think people should look down on wrestlers here in the UK, just because we don’t have the same amount of attention on us,’ added O’Connor
‘So when an opportunity presents itself, I am going to call out the best guys in the world and show they what I can do.
‘If I don’t do that then there will never be any progression.
‘I want to be the best big man in the world, the only way I can do that is to beat the best.’

stand onThe Beast from Belfast has not always been this driven however.

Up until a few years ago Big Damo’s main focus was being a training to the likes of Joe Hendry and Joe Coffey.
So what changed? What unleashed the beast?
Well the man himself says he has the likes of Fergal Devitt (AKA Finn Balor) and Robbie Brookside to thank, for putting their faith in him and putting his focus on himself.

‘I loved coaching and I still do a bit of it now but there were good sides and bad sides to it,’ Big Damo tells us.

‘I was very determined running the classes, I would sometimes do three, four classes a week. Making sure we had the best coaches to help train the guys.
‘But it also meant I didn’t really have time to focus on myself as a performer that much.
‘Training with Robbie Brookside and Fergal was a massive wake up call for me.
‘I started taking things a lot more seriously and believed I could achieve everything that I wanted to.’

It is this focus and determination that has lead to where O’Connor is today, with the whole world at his feet.
After being branded the Beast from Belfast by ICW commentator Billy Kirkwood, Just an Insight wanted to close the interview by asking O’Connor, who he thought was the better beast.
Himself or Brock Lesnar?
Big Damo’s response: ‘Only one of us has a beard!’

Follow Big Damo on Twiiter: @BigBeardDamo


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