England suffer heartbreak once more

Laura Bassett

It has become a similar pattern surrounding football in England and major tournaments. Fans go in with low expectations, the team start to achieve, the nation piles on the pressure and then they fall at the last hurdle.

It isn’t however, that we hear this about the women’s team, but it was stoppage time heartbreak when Laura Bassett slipped the ball into her own net.

Despite the disappointment, the women should hold their heads high and be proud of what they have achieved. If you look at what the females have achieved in comparison to the males is incredible.

Now that begs the question, should the FA invest more money into the female game and they should get more coverage.

The female game is starting to pick up more of a buzz, this year marks the first year that women’s football will appear on Fifa16.

Yet why aren’t the women celebrated as much as the men. I will be first to admit I couldn’t name more than 10 professional female footballers.

If a play like Harry Kane is worth £50 million pounds, then what should his female equivalent be worth?

This summers world cup is the most publicity the England’s women’s team has received and as soon as pictures of Bassett with tears running down her face appeared, it was instantly related back to Paul Gascoigne.

You look at countries like the USA, Canada and Japan, who invest heavily in their female sport and they are starting to reap the rewards.

So this is my call for action for not just the FA but all sporting bodies to invest more in women’s sports. For example look at what the women’s Rugby team and Cricket team has done compared to the men.

Yet the men are still making the big money, and getting all the TV coverage.

It will be interesting to see how much we hear about the women’s sport when the new football season starts. I hope there is more emphasis but on the female league this time around.


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