INTERVIEW: All Pigs Must Die


When your band contains of members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse, you will instantly grab the attention of hardcore punk fans the world over.
When All Pigs Must Die took shape in 2009, there was already a buzz surrounding the band, now in 2015 the band has come into their own and built a solid fan base from their own music.
After the release of their second full length ‘Nothing Violates This Nature’ in 2013, the band has been touring the states, as well as getting on with their day jobs.
However, APMD have yet to reach European soil, something that has frustrated many fans this side of the Atlantic.
This is all about to change as they are set to destroy the Underworld, London on July 5.
Just an Insight managed to pin down bassist Matt Woods before the band embark on their first trip to Europe

Matt Woods

Matt Woods

Woods said: ‘Personally, I have never played in the UK so I have no idea what to expect. I’m very excited to play.

‘Families, jobs and other commitments made the choice for us.
‘It is not for lack of interest in doing more show, it is lack of time unfortunately.
‘We have no plans for further touring for now, but you never know. I would like to play more cities in Europe.’

Many people perceive APMD as this hardcore supergroup, yet the band define themselves more with the metal genre.

Taking influences from all spectrums of heavy music, from crust punk to heavy metal.
Combining all these sounds is almost second nature for APMD, Woods explains their writing process never seems to crossover, avoiding sounding like their other bands.

‘I can’t remember a time when we were working on material and had to stop and say “wait this is too much like converhebloodhorsehopeconspiracy”,’ adds Woods.
‘I’ve always considered Pigs to be a heavy metal band and never thought of it under any other label.
‘The four of us like a lot of different music and that informs our sound.
‘Whether it’s Blue Oyster Cult or Sabbath, it all has an equal share in shaping how we approach music.’

It appears in the lifetime of APMD nothing seems to be forced into place, it all flows naturally.
With members of the band living in different areas, touring with other bands, APMD still find the time to get together to practice as well as write new music.
Woods said this is what he loves about the band, even though they may not see each other all the time, they can still come together and write some killer tracks.
And that is exactly what is next on the agenda for the Southern Lord band, as they look to take the next step forward in the bands progression.

liveWoods added: ‘The band grew and evolved organically as we were really excited about the music we were doing.
‘The next step will be a little darker and a bit more psychedelic and fucked up.
‘All of the new material is in its infancy but it’s pointing in that direction.
‘It doesn’t matter if its practice, writing sessions or playing live. I think these guys are the best in the biz at what they do.
‘I am always surprised they let me hang around.’


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