Suis La Lune release first song in three years


Swedish screamo four-piece may be one of the most elusive bands over the past three years. After their critically acclaimed ‘Riala’ it was almost radio silence from Suis La Lune.

But after ten years of being a band, it seems the time out has done the Swede’s a world of good as judging from the debut track ‘Different Perspective’ from the next record ‘Distance/Closure’.

To show how much the wait has been worth it, record label Topshelf Records have stayed loyal to Suis La Lune and have given them their time and space to record the new record.

It appears that Suis La Lune have changed direction a bit, after leaning towards the hardcore elements of their sound in ‘Riala’, but now the quartet have gone more atmospheric sound, almost a homage to their fellow Swede’s Cult of Luna.

It is great to see the four-piece back in action and am already really excited to hear the full album.

You can listen to the new track ‘Different Perspective’ here:


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