ROUND-UP NXT June 24th 2015


For a long time NXT had been the shining light for WWE. When Raw seemed a bit lackluster NXT would pick up the slack and give the fans what they really wanted.

In recent weeks it seems to have lost form a bit. With Neville moving to the main roster and Kevin Owens looking to follow very soon, a lot of the pull of NXT has fallen on Finn Balor’s shoulders.

Now I am a huge fan of the number one contender, but is he ready to wave the NXT flag on his own. Judging by this episode the answer is a resounding yes.

The show opening with Hideo Itami talking about his return and the upcoming live show in Japan, only to be interupted by Owens.

Before the champ had a chance to put Itami out of commission for even longer, Balor came to his friends rescue only to be blasted by the man beast Rhyno.

This is where the build in Balor’s character starts to come into its own, setting up tonight’s main event of Balor v Rhyno.


When the action gets underway the crowd are treated to the delights of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. The pair have cemented themselves as one of the best tag teams in NXT and their entrance can rival that of the New Age Outlaws.

It is clear that WWE has been plans for this group as they continue to work seamlessly together in their search of the NXT tag team titles. If the pair continue to get the push they are enjoying at the moment, it won’t be long until they are pushed up to the main roster.

And for my own personally enjoyment, the moment I hear Enzo’s music hit on raw I will mark out hard.

Enzo ensured that the pairs winning streak continued with a school boy roll up pin to get the three count.

Someone that NXT seem to be ramming down fans throats (and for the life of me I cannot understand why) is Dana Brooke.

Her match against new diva Casey was the low point of the show. Brooke’s move set is anything but exciting, yet the powers that be have her continually dominating opponents.

Even the fans at Full Sail University didn’t really seem to care about Brooke’s win. With her teaming up with Emma I think the best thing for Brooke is to stay with the Australian diva for as long as she can. hype

NXT then re-introduced their latest fun time pairing of Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder, The Hype Bros.

Now personally I cannot stand Rawley, i don’t like his gimmick, I don’t think he is that good a wrestler and when he walks to the ring he just irritates me.

On the flip side I have always had a soft spot for Ryder and i am glad that the WWE has given him a roll that isn’t just being in squash matches.

The pair seem to feed off each others energy really well and the crowd does get behind them (Ryder more than Rawley). and the chemistry between them is already clear to see, as Rawley lifted Angelo Dawkins for Ryder to perform the Ruff Ryder off the top rope to pick up the win.

KOAs the main event looked set to kick off Owens joined the commentary team to get a closer view.

The actual match between Balor and Rhyno may not be the most memorable in NXT history, but Owens commentary certainly made up for it, especially with lines like ‘I like Rhinos.’

As the man beast looked to wear down the Irishman it was Balor who rallied despite Owens attempted distraction.

Performing the Sling Blade into the Coup de Grace, giving him the victory.

What happened after has built the feud between Balor and Owens as the champ attacked his challenger, only for Rhyno to join in the two on one assault.

It looked as though Owens was about to add another victim to his casualty list, only for Samoa Joe to rush down and intervene.

Could this set up an epic tag match ahead of the live show in Japan, I personally hope so.

Overall it appears NXT has found its feet once more after a little bit of a rocky period.


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