Has the return of True Detective lived up to the hype


When the original series of True Detective hit our scenes it brought about a new noir feel to US detective dramas’. The fact it had two Hollywood A-listers attached to it may have helped.

Even so the series had viewers on the edge of their seats at the end of every episode and lead to the show gaining a cult following and leaving fans begging for more.

When news broke of a second series, the buzz picked up speed quickly. So gone are the scenes of the wilderness of the deep south, gone is the southern drawl of Rust Cohle and in comes a whole new cast and a whole new case.

But has the premier of the new series lived up to expectations? On first look it may be a bit caught up in its own hype, With four lead characters to develop (instead of just two) there is a lot of flicking between them.

It is not until the end that they all come together, in what seems to be the first piece of the puzzle.

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro in series two of True Detective

Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro in series two of True Detective

The episode gets stuck straight into things with viewers being introduced to Colin Farrell’s Ray Velcoro. A detective who is clearly not dealing with the fact his wife was raped very well.

We see a throw back to the first series with Velcoro sat at the top of a table being asked several questions.

Getting fans to think the show is going to follow the same formula as the one whose shoes that they have to fill.

I understand that the first episode is all about laying the ground works, but I think they have maybe tried to cram too much into one episode.

For example it is clear that Vince Vaughn’s Frank Semyon character is going to be a big influence on the actions of Velcoto, but at the moment it isn’t too clear what his role is going to be.

Then there is the depiction of women in the show, in the first series they were very much objects of sexual desire and it appears nothing has changed.

Even with the introduction of a strong female lead with Rachel McAdams, (the first time we see her on screen she is talking about what she likes to do in the bedroom) you would think a TV drama that is held in such high regard would try and steer away from the stereotypical.

Rachel McAdams is Ani Bezzerides

Rachel McAdams is Ani Bezzerides

But as a whole the episode wasn’t terrible, there are wholes that need to be filled, but I imagine this will happen as the series continues.

Thus far I am invested in Farrell’s character but no-one else has really captured me yet.

As a massive fan of the first series I am going to stick it out and I trust that the influence of Matthew McConaughey.and woody Harrelson will make sure this series is just as good as the last.

Now it is time for fans just to sit back and enjoy the ride


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