INTERVIEW: Jimmy Havoc


Starting out as a Death match specialist, to becoming arguably the biggest heel in modern UK wrestling history.

Jimmy Havoc certainly stirs up a reaction from the crowd no matter where he goes, and the longest reigning Progress Wrestling Heavyweight Champion wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘’There is no feeling like stepping out from behind the curtain to 700 people calling you a c**t,’’ Havoc told Just an Insight on the back of a successful weekend at Download Festival.

The man from Dartford, Kent, knows he has been granted some massive opportunities in the past couple of years to finesse his in ring ability and become the dominant champion that he now is.

Even dating back to his days training at the Hammerlock training camp, Havoc knew he was going to go down the hardcore route, especially growing up watching ECW and having idols like Mick Foley and Sabu.

However, as he progressed and built his character, fans invested more in him. Then came the heel turn that shocked UK wrestling.

Havoc said: ‘’At the heart of wrestling is emotion, so if you can get two guys that the crowd either love or hate or are invested in emotionally then it makes our job so much easier.

‘‘I love being such a c**t it is so much fun. I sometimes think to myself well maybe I could have been more of a c**t and I’ve held back a bit.

‘‘I never thought I was good enough to win the title, I was convinced that when I win the title the next show wouldn’t sell out and it would all be my fault.

‘’Now people are more invested in me as a character.’’

The Progress champion is the first to praise the company who are one of the fastest rising federations in the whole of wrestling.

He said the way that Progress run things just works for all the guys involved, they are all treated right and want to work for each other.

But what makes Progress so special in Havoc’s eyes is the uniqueness of the crowd that turns up to shows and those who chant ‘DIE HAVOC DIE’.

Havoc feeling the effects of one of his many Death Matches

Havoc feeling the effects of one of his many Death Matches

‘It isn’t just me and my story that sells Progress, it’’s the atmosphere and everyone that is involved. You never see a bad show at progress and the fans lap it up,’ adds Havoc.

‘’They help build the show and if it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be that good.

‘’There is a community feel that we get in Progress and the reactions we get it makes me want to do more them as fans.’’

With UK wrestling finally starting to get a foothold on the International map, with the likes of Neville, Paige, Finn Balor and Bad News Barrett flying the flag at WWE.

Zack Sabre Jnr over in Japan and even Rockstar Spud at TNA, we are seeing more and more UK wrestlers’ going overseas.

But for Havoc he is happy to stay on home soil, defend his Progress title and let others flourish.

Zach Sabre Jnr is representing the UK as part of NJPW

Zack Sabre Jnr is representing the UK as part of NJPW

He said: ‘’There are so many guys here in the UK that may not get the exposure some of the people that wrestle in Japan or America do.

‘’But progress is trying to change this in terms of a truly home grown promotion that is getting world wide exposure.’

‘’If people like my work and want to take me overseas then wicked, but I think there are a lot of people out there that want it more than me and maybe fly the flag for the British scene a bit better. I’’am a c**t and that’s all I’’ve got.’’

The Progress champion has been a fighting champion thus far, but has signified that next year he may take things a bit slower.

He even eluded possibly returning to competing in a few Death matches here or there.

‘The hardcore style these days is dying out a little bit and people are more inclined to save that sort of thing for special events,’’ said the Progress champ.

‘’Which I think is a better idea. I mean I love those matches I loved all the death matches that I was a part of but these days I only tend to do them if there is a reason behind it.

‘’You get so much more of a reaction from doing less.

‘’I would much prefer to do a hardcore match as it comes more naturally.

‘’The death matches lend to my persona in that people do think that I am a psychopath and I don’t care about my body and I think that helped with the heel turn.’

Progress recently completed a three day stint at Download Festival which opened the product up to a whole new audience.

Performing at the world famous metal festival was a dream come true for Havoc, only to be spoiled on the last day when Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams, jumped in the ring an power bombed him through a table.

‘’The bastard just came over and put me through a fucking table,’ continued Havoc

‘’If I ever see him again I’ll be having words with him even if he is taller and bigger than me.’

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