ROUND-UP Lucha Underground June 17th 2015


Lucha Underground has been a ground breaking company since the day they started, and this weeks episode was no different. As the Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma went one-on-one with Johnny Mundo, all night long!

One show, one match, something that has never been seen before. The lucha who had the most pins and submissions at the end of the broadcast would be the champ.

In a match that would last 45 minutes, you can imagine the pace would be slow in the early stages, as Mundo grounded the athletic Puma.

However, it was the champ that picked up the first pin-fall. After each competitor lead a succession of counters, it was a sunset-flip that gave Puma the early lead.

puma 2

The back and forth continued until Mundo tied the match, when arching his back to hold onto the ropes to pick up a dirty pin.

Then things began to heat up as both Lucha’s ended up outside of the ring and Mundo introduced weapons into the fray.

This played perfectly into the challengers hands, smashing Puma across the head with a Crowbar.

Dragging the champ back into the ring to take the lead in pins.

Mundo hit the Moonlight Drive and End of the World in quick succession to add two further three counts to his tally to go 4-1 ahead.

With Puma looking down and out, Mundo wanted to inflict further damage on the believers favourite, by stacking up tables in the walk way under the bandstand.

After a brief fight among the believers, the pair ended up on the bandstand, before Puma launched both of them through four tables waiting underneath them.

Somehow the man that embodies the spirit of Lucha Underground managed to drag the lifeless body of Mundo back into the ring to get the scores to 4-2.


With momentum firmly on his side, a spinning driver opened the opportunity for Puma to close the gap to one.

The champ was feeding off the reaction of the believers and Mundo knew it, so began to put as much distance between himself and the champ as possible by running around the ring and letting the time slide away.

It looked as though Mundo’s plan had worked until he was blasted from behind at the top of the temple stairs by Alberto El Patron, a man he had put through Dario Cuteo’s office window.

El Patron proceeded to kick Mundo down the stairs and throwing him into the announce table, before rolling him into the ring assisting Puma in levelling the field.

el patron

Once the match was level at four a piece El Patron issued his challenge to whoever won the match.

With minutes left on the clock, there was reversal after reversal. Near fall after near fall it was too close to call.

It looked like the title would be heading to Mundo after hitting a massive C4 in the centre of the ring, but somehow the champ kicked out.

With 15 seconds to go, Puma delivered a huge drop kick setting him up nicely for a massive 450 splash to get the 1,2,3 with seconds remaining and to retain the Lucha Underground Heavyweight Championship.

With chants of ‘That was awesome’ from the believers at the end of the show, it is clear to see why many wrestling fans believe Lucha Underground is the best promotion going at the moment.

puma champ


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