Is Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE too early?


It was revealed on Monday Night raw that Seth Rollins’ next challenger would be the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has been a huge part of making the WWE product what it is in the last two years.

Beating Undertakers streak, kicking John Cena’s ass time after time, being a dominant WWE champion and least we forget the memorable Suplex City moment at this years Wrestlemania.

Since Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and became the new champ Lesnar has gone off the grid as he does.

He’s an impact wrestler who comes back when he wants, and when he is needed. So why is he back for a B pay-per-view like Battleground.

Have the big wigs at the head of the company panicked and thought we need to bring him back before people forget? Or is there a bigger picture.

There are rumours circling that Rollins is set to turn babyface by Summerslam, so does that mean he drops the title to Brock? Honestly I can’t see it, why would they put the title back on Brock so soon.

On the flip side why have they brought back a man who is a literal wrecking machine only for the WWE to let their latest prized asset get a clean win over him.

For me none of this makes sense. After the total destruction that Lesnar caused the night after Wrestlemania it would make sense for Lesnar to keep kept off our screens until Summerslam.

Seth Rollins delivering a curb stomp to Lesnar in the build up to the Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins delivering a curb stomp to Lesnar in the build up to the Royal Rumble

It will be interesting to see how the WWE now build on this feud, with four weeks until the next Pay-per-view.

Personally I love that Lesnar is back as he is one of the few people in the WWE who you believe can actually inflict some real pain on a person.

And you have to take into account what happened at the start of 2015.

Rollins bragging after the Royal Rumble that he broke Lesnar’s rib and then the insult of cashing in the Money in the Bank contract.

So a feud between the two has always been in the works and as HHH stated in his promo on Raw, this could be Rollins right of passage.

Again I would have liked to have seen the suspense of Lesnar coming back held off a little longer. Bring him back at Summerslam then build the feud to Hell in a Cell, so Lesnar can do some real damage.

Lesnar hits Rollins with an F5

Lesnar hits Rollins with an F5


At Battleground Rollins will get himself disqualified so Lesnar picks up the win but Rollins retains the title.

The next night on raw HHH calls out Rollins on cheating and the ground works have been set for Rollins to turn babyface.

Summerslam the Authority have done all they can to make sure that Lesnar walks out as the new champion, but Rollins gets a clean win and receives a huge pop from the crowd and the transition to face is complete.


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