FILM REVIEW: Jurassic World

Twenty-two years ago Steven Spielberg released a film which would quite literally change the landscape of the film industry.
Fast-forward to 2015 and what started off as a park, has turned into a world.
John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) had a dream of a fully interactive theme park of genetically made dinosaurs.
Now not only has that dream become a reality but the scientists are even making up new dinosaurs.


Jurassic World has already broken all kinds of box office records in its opening week and it is easy to see why.
Not only is this the next step in the Jurassic world saga, but it is also the greatest homage to the original that any fan could have dreamed for.
The drive through the historic gates, the iconic music, the focus on the visitors centre being one of the focal points throughout the film all breathing new life into the old girl.
Story wise it is even very similar to the original, with one major difference, they have decided to create a dinosaur through gene splicing. Instantly that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What is great about Jurassic World is that it has you gripped from the very first second, and it has your heart pounding to the very end.
Many people have argued about the trailer, about the fact hat Chris Pratt’s character has trained raptors’, but even that makes total sense in the whole scheme of things.
One thing that does stand out in World compared to Park is that the death count is a lot higher and visual, which is not a bad thing at all.

Chris Pratt is park ranger  Owen Grady

Chris Pratt is park ranger Owen Grady

I think it is safe to say that Jurassic World is pretty much bang on the money what any fan of the original film would have wanted and a whole lot more.
Ok there is some cheese acting in it, but lets be honest we all want to see it just to see some kick-ass dinosaurs.


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