A Tribute to Dusty Rhodes


The wrestling world was shocked on June 11, after it announced the death of one of the sports true greats.
Dusty Rhodes not only shaped what the WWE is today, but he was also the inspiration for a generation.
The American Dream may have been at his prime way before I feel in love with the sport, but his impact is still clear for all to see.
Rhodes was not your typical wrestler, never the less he went on to be one of the most decorated wrestlers’ to step foot inside the squared circle.

His trademark ‘Bionic Elbow’ put many opponent on the matt for the three count and the move inspired one of the most recognisable moves in the modern era ‘The People’s Elbow.’
Even though I may not have watch Rhodes in the ring, the work he has done behind the scenes in booking matches and pushing new talent, is something I will forever be grateful for as a fan of the industry.
He was a pioneer in bringing new talent through the WWE’s development program at NXT, which has seen the rise of such stars as Sami Zayn, Neville and Kevin Owens (Owens Tribute)

Dusty Rhodes hitting the 'Bionic Elbow'

Dusty Rhodes hitting the ‘Bionic Elbow’

If it wasn’t for Rhodes’ influence the current landscape of the WWE would not be as successful as it is.
As father of professional wrestlers’ Goldust and Stardust (AKA Cody Rhodes) his in ring legacy will live one and you can imagine of the number of tributes that will be flooding the WWE in the coming days.
RIP The American Dream Dusty Rhodes your hard work is not in vein and wrestling fans all over the world will miss the impact you have had on the industry.


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