FILM REVIEW: Cobain: Montage of Heck

Many people will have different views on Kurt Cobain, views on his lifestyle, theories on his death. But one thing that you cannot fault was that he probably had one of the most creative minds of his generation.
In the sombering documentation of his life director Brett Morgan really shows a new depth into the mind of the Nirvana front man.
Montage of Heck brings together the views of Cobain’s nearest and dearest as well as never seen before home videos which show – in my opinion – the true Kurt Cobain.

Montage_of_Heck_posterThis film shows Cobain in his rawest form. The man that wanted to be loved, the man who suffered dark thoughts of suicide from an early age and the man who could not stand being humiliated.

Morgan brings to life the scrawlings of the challenged vocalist journals to life, by incredible animation it really makes you as the audience believe you are getting a clearer view of from inside his head.

Whether it was they way he wrote his music, they way he dealt with being addicted to heroine or the birth of his daughter, this documentary really does give a new perspective into the life of a man who comes across as quite reserved, who did not want to talk to the press, who felt like he didn’t fit in but just wanted to play rock music.

In the years since his death, there have been thousands of tributes to the legacy that he left behind, but Montage of Heck feels like the final piece of the puzzle that Nirvana fans all over the world wanted to see and hear.
To discover that his ‘genius’ brain meant he was constantly switched on, bouncing from household to household in his youth, only calming down when discovering the draw of weed.

And despite what a lot of people think of the role Courtney Love played in his life, she provided him they loving family life he always longed for.
At 27-years-old Cobain’s like was truly cut to short, but his memory and legacy will live on forever and now thanks to Montage of Heck a whole new audience can embrace his charm and talents, but this time seeing the world through the mans eyes himself.

a Still of Cobian with wife Courtney Love from one of their unseen home videos

A still of Cobian with wife Courtney Love from one of their unseen home videos


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