So here in the UK we are well and truly into election season, with the first of the televised debates happening this past Thursday. Now say what you will about Jeremy Paxman, but he is certainly a great journalist, really nailing both David Cameron and Ed Miliband with one question.

This is the first year I have genuinely taken a huge interest in politics and it is hugely entertaining to watch the man who currently runs our country and a man who wants to squirm under pressure from the media.

Over all I think both the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition gave a good account of themselves, but there was a small part of me that felt sorry for Miliband. MilibandAs the general public even got involved in scrutinising him.

There were jibes on more than one occasion that his brother David, was more qualified and more suited for the job, and even Paxman himself questioned his strength as politician.

I think what was the nail in the coffin for The Labour party leader was at the end of his segment you could hear Paxman as ‘Are you ok Ed?’

So i put this question to you, does the UK really want a man who crumbles under 20 minutes of intense questioning running our country?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not exactly Cameron’s biggest fan either, but he is slightly the better of two evils. I personally believe if Labour were to come to power (which I cannot see happening) within a year of his term, there will be a huge lack of confidence in Mr Miliband and we will see a new head of the Labour party.

All seven parties are set to have a political debate on ITV, which parties will show strengths and which will show weakness?

All seven parties are set to have a political debate on ITV, which parties will show strengths and which will show weakness?

With all seven party leaders set to go for a head-to-head debate on ITV, it will be interesting to see how Miliband stands against strong personalities like Nigel Fargae and Nicola Sturgeon. Only time will tell.


BamaWhere the rest of the world has been looking to Syria and what is happening with IS over there, the devastation that is being caused by Boko-Haram in Nigeria.

It is only now, six-months after the Islamic extremist group captured the town of Bama that the media have decided to unveil disturbing pictures of there actions.

With bodies lying in the street and women forced to marry extremist sympathisers, it gets you thinking what are the US and the UK putting all their resources into Syria and nothing into stopping Boko-Haram.

Boko-Haram extremists have been terrorising people living in Nigeria for years, but there still seems to be no action taken.

Boko-Haram extremists have been terrorising people living in Nigeria for years, but there still seems to be no action taken.

  Now the Nigerian army have taken back the town the damage has been done, with schools and houses burnt to the ground. It is estimated that in one hit they killed 300 Christians just because they did not share the same religious beliefs.

The army were seen walking down the streets of Bama covering their faces because of the stench given off from the dead bodies.

I understand that everyone has their religious beliefs, and that the world is always going to have extremists, but why is it only now, after and event has happened that there is a high media coverage?

Is it because of fear? is it because the media don’t want to give into their propaganda? Or is it the fact that no British or American people where involved in the catastrophe?

The strange thing is as I am writing this post Boko-Haram’s HQ in the town of Gwoza has been retaken by the Nigerian Army, but my point still stands, that people only seem interested now that there has been success. Why was it not openly published when all the killings were happening.

Nigerian soldiers celebrate after recapturing Gwoza

Nigerian soldiers celebrate after recapturing Gwoza

in Sport 

It is International break time again in the world of football, and with Harry Kane looking set to make is Three Lions bow against Lithuania, it has sparked much debate about one, the players ability and two, where is the next big English talant coming from.

FA chairman Greg Dyke has proposed a restriction on non EU players to try an nurture the next sting of English talents coming through.

These proposed plans have been greeted with a mixed reaction, but I for one think it is a great idea. Ok yes it may restrict getting some world-class player over into the Premier League, but wouldn’t you rather see a strong England side challenging on the world stage.

England squad that came so close at Euro 96

England squad that came so close at Euro 96

 The last team that I can remember in my life time coming anywhere near close to challenging in a competition was the team that went out in Euro 96.

Which begs the question are we ever going to see a consistent team holding players like Alan Shearer, Gazza, Teddy Sheringham etc.

Kane does look like he has the attributes to be a great striker for England, but whose next in line after him.

I think England need to take a left out of Spain and Germany’s book, build a strong foundation, ok it may cost us one major tournament, but if we can get a group of players consistently playing together from the age of 18+ all the way to a World Cup there is no reason that the Three Lions cannot once again lift the most prestigious trophy in world football.


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