INTERVIEW: Renounced

header Arguably the best band in UK Hardcore right now, you can’t go to any show without hearing of or seeing Renounced. Having been a band just over two years, 2014 was the year that the band really stamped their mark on the scene, playing all over the county as well as releasing their debut full-length ‘The Melancholy We Ache’ The new year has already brought about a busy start for the band, Just an Insight managed to grab front man Dan Gray on a rare moment of down time to talk about what is next for the UK’s favourite hardcore boys. Renounced are certainly a band that wears its heart on its sleeve and this come across live and lyrically with Gray. He said: ‘Sam Knight (Guitar) and I love screamo and I guess we have emo elements that screamo / emo fans can relate to. ‘Love, depression and dealing with my own morality, they are things that inspire me and what drives me lyrically. ‘I sometimes just have to write things down as it really helps with anxiety. Putting thoughts and feelings into a physical format really helps me cognitively. The feed back the band has received about the album has been astounding, and something they are thriving off. Last year, almost every line-up you looked at had Renounced on it, whether that be a pure hardcore show, or a bill with mixed genre’s. It is this type of tireless work ethic that has gained them the recognition they deserve. This respect for the Londoners was cemented when they were asked to play one of Europe’s most prestigious hardcore festivals at Iperfest.

Renounced live at The Joiners, Southampton

Renounced live at The Joiners, Southampton

‘Playing Ieper was amazing, sharing a stage with Strife and Crowbar was an honour,’ added Gray. ‘I was fairly nervous standing in front of so many people but we got a really welcoming reception and everyone we met was real nice. ‘When we released our LP we did not know how people would react, it was a huge thing for us, we put a lot of time and effort into. ‘It’s mind blowing when I see people sing along to lyrics at shows. It means a lot to me that I know people can relate.’ With a heavy 90’s influence to their sound, Renounced aren’t you’re typical beefed up hardcore band, which is refreshing in a scene that was becoming filled with ‘hate mosh’ fuelled ego’s. Don’t get me wrong you can certainly lose you mind while watching Renounced live, but it is great to hear a different sound than just chugging guitars and beatdowns that fans can enhance their mosh moves to. Gray says: ‘We all grew up listening to Poison the Well and Converge rather than Black Flag, we just wanted to write music like this for a very long time.

Dan Gray, the voice behind renounced (Pic courtesy of Punktastic)

Dan Gray, the voice behind renounced (Pic courtesy of Punktastic)

‘There is nothing wrong with moshing as hard as you like at shows, lose your mind and jumping of everything. ‘But if you start punching and singling out individuals at shows, that is assault and should not be tolerated at any show. If I saw someone doing that at a show I would simply ask the band to stop playing.’ Renounced have already got 2015 off to a flying start with a few trips to Europe and even more shows in the UK, the year will surely continue in the same way. As the band start writing for their next record and more tour announcements on there way, it looks set to be another busy year for the five-piece.


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