The Insight

So award season has been in full swing recently with the Brits and the Oscars both celebrating great British talent. The obvious talking point of the Brits was Madonna falling off the stage (In my opinion couldn’t have happened to a nicer person) and how well she dealt with it. With the Oscars it was the success of Eddie Redmayne for his performance in the Theory of Everything and how creepy John Travolta has become.

The thing that really stood out for me was the amount of political content at this years awards. Whether that be for women’s rights or anything else. Every celebrity had to be seen to be supporting a cause.

John Travolta grabs Idina Menze's Chin at the 87th annual academy awards.

John Travolta grabs Idina Menze’s Chin at the 87th annual academy awards.

One that I did think was a great idea was the whole #Askhermore regarding female actors not getting the recognition their hard work deserves, but instead people only caring about what bloody dress they are wearing. As a film fan this massively infuriates me. I watch the Oscars to see good films get the critical acclaim they deserve. So when I heard Alexa Chung (Someone I am not a fan of anyway) say that the woman who won best supporting actress Patricia Arquette’s dress ‘the pits’ who actually cares.

But it appears now that actors are billboards that are for sale. Don’t get me wrong there are some who are genuine in the appeals, but it will now be interesting to see if this becomes a running theme at Hollywood’s show case event.

Another issue that really bugged me about the awards ceremony, this includes the Brits is the lack of Black people who feature on the programme. Ok Kanye West was at the Brits and Common and John Legend won Oscar for best song with Glory,  but for the big hitters there was not a single black nominee.

Which in 2015 just completely baffles me, after everything that happened in the US this year with black people being needlessly killed, you think the least people could do is recognise great black talent. I mean for anyone that has seen Selma knows just how incredible David Oyelowo’s performance was, and the fact he didn’t even get nominated is a joke.

How can people in 2015 still allow such blatant racism.

In the News

jhadiThe man known to the world as Jihadi John has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, with people now coming out saying the knew him when he was younger and they went to university with him.

This is all well and good but does it really matter if you knew him or not. Every murderer has someone that knew them, just because Emwazi was the ‘Face’ of the Islamic State killings doesn’t make him any different.

The fact of the matter is this man’s identity has now been revealed and it is now time that action should be taken and he need to be brought to justice.

There aren’t many times that I will call for violence but we have seen what the British and American armed forces can do when faced with terrorist, so why should this man be treated any differently.

The huge issue that has caused uproar amongst the British public is that Emwazi’s identity was already known by several members of MI5 and nothing was done from stopping him fleeing the country.

It is a worry that a government body that is meant to protect the safety of its countries people lets one of its potentially biggest threats slip by unnoticed.

In the sporting world 


It has been a constant talking since it was announced that Qatar would host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, With Sepp Blatter refusing to relocate the tournament it is becoming more likely that we will see our first ever winter World Cup.

There has already been major issues over stadium building and the expolitation of the workers, the fact that Qatar is a dry country set to host arguably the worlds biggest country and now added into the fact several leagues fixtures will be disrupted so that players can be sent off to represent their countries.

With the proposal to finish the competition by December 18 is still crazy. With the English domestic league set to re-start on boxing day how does this give players time to readjust to their league surroundings after playing in the sweltering heat in Qatar.

Fifa have either bitten off more than they can chew on this one and are too proud to turn their backs on their decision or there is most certainly something in the back ground that is not being reported on here.

I think it is about time Blatter was replaced as head of FIFA the whole organisation needs to have new life breathed into it.


As I have already touched upon in this Insight, that women’s issues have once again been part of the day to day coverage in the media. One woman who deserves every bit of recognition she gets is Ronda Rousey.

The UFC fighter has spent know longer that 25 minutes inside the octagon in her career.and her latest title defence lasted just 14 seconds. Something even the men should stand up and take note of


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