INTERVIEW: Blacklisted


A name that became synonymous in the hardcore scene in the early 2000’s. Blacklisted burst on the scene with their balls to the wall, full throttle approach to the genre. Fast forward to 2015 and the guys from Philadelphia are about to release their latest offering.
It has been a bit of a strange ride for the four-piece, having taking some long breaks to explore other ventures, to live life and to try new sounds musically.
After they put out their last full length ‘No One Deserves to be Here More Than Me’, the sound the band had come out with was very different from the hard hitting thrash hardcore fans had come to expect.
However, it was a progression that was welcomed with open arms, and now the band return with something a little more familiar yet keeping to their uniqueness.
We spoke to vocalist George Hirsch about the release of new album ‘When People Grow, People Go’ and about the evolution of the band.

George said: ‘Blacklisted has been a band since 2003. In those 12 years a lot has changed, especially for me the sole original member. Still, “lucky” would be the only way to really describe the process.
‘We are lucky to have found the relationship we have with Deathwish and other people who have worked with the band, lucky to have travelled to all the places we have and most importantly, lucky to have the relationship that the members of the last 9 years have had.’
‘In the last five years we have experienced life to put it as dramatic as possible, we experienced birth, death and everything in between.’


It is clear from talking to the front-man his passion for the genre is still extremely strong. His drive to write emotive lyrics hasn’t changed and his ethos of what hardcore is all about still remains the same.
This has reflected in the bands music from day one, even though George has started up side project Harm Wülf he is still fully focused on creating blistering music with his blacklisted brothers.
The new record ‘When People Grow, People Go’ Is almost like a Blacklisted homage. It has aspects of earlier records like ‘… When the Beat Goes On’ but also keeps to the dark grunge influence that we saw creep into ‘No One Deserves to be Here More Than Me’.

‘Emotion is what drives everything, in life, my lyrics are based on my life, both insularly and the one I share with others.’ Added George.
‘It is my thought that Hardcore/Punk is about immediacy, and it has always been that for me. Even 12 years down the line when we write music, its what comes out in the moment.
‘There is no filter in regard to the past or the future, its very much what is going on between us at that time.’


With the anticipation of the release of ‘When People Grow, People Go’, George is keeping to that immediacy policy, claiming the Blacklisted are just going to take each day as it comes at the moment.
However, the vocalist did tease the idea of coming back to the UK and maybe even a full-length world tour.
George continued: ‘We haven’t talked about playing shows or anything yet. I am sure we will both play shows and come to the UK, if even for a single show.
‘We’d love to come to the UK and do some shows, Europe, Australia, Japan, United States etc. However right now we have no plans. Once the album comes out we will be figuring that out

Pre-order ‘When People Grow, People Go’ now from Deathwish Inc.


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