On a cold January night, you can always rely on a night of hardcore music to warm the soul.
That was exactly what was on offer at Brighton’s Green Door store, with four very different bands showcasing their brand of hardcore.
Starting out were local three-piece Howls, with a mix of Lewd Acts meets Rise and Fall, really impressing the early comers.
It is always great when you see a band for the first time to see the amount of energy and passion they put into the music they produce. It has always been a pet pev of mine that a band runs and jumps around the stage needlessly just to look ‘energetic’.


However, when this energy is authentic and you can see that it is the driving force of a band it really is something to be admired.
With scrawling vocals from both guitarist and drummer, Howls blasted through their 20 minutes set in the blink of an eye and it was all over way too quickly.
The crowd had barely had time to get themselves another beer from the bar before the onslaught continued, this time in the form of Stallone


With a mixture of riffs, heavy hitting vocals and the occasional D-beat beatdown, Stallone cover all the basis without being particularly outstanding.
This isn’t to say that they were a poor band, far from it, as they are entertaining to watch, there just seems to be something missing to making them the full package.
Then came the showstoppers Hierophant. The Italians have changed line up and sound dramatically since their last visit to the UK and god it has made a difference..

With a more doom influenced sound the chungging of guitar riff’s is literally music to your ears.
What makes Hierophants performance even more impressive is how smoothly they can make the transition from slow sludgy doom songs, into fast paced D-beat songs with blast beats.
The roaring vocals, the constant feedback all added to the feel of Hierophants stage presence, what really topped it off was during their last song ‘Inferno.
The crowd a wave of banging heads from the powerful riff’s, and a constant blast of strobe lights really added to the theatrics of the Italian juggernaut’s.

Giving a hard act to follow, it was down to headliners Bastions to try and produced something to top their tour buddies.


I have been following the boys from North Wales since their first EP and they have always been a band I have enjoyed to watch live.
So when they opened with tracks from ‘Hospital Corners’ I was pleasantly surprised that they still kept to the old favourites. The energy was their, the heart felt lyrics were there and being captivated by vocalist Jamie Burne’s every move.
The only thing that wasn’t in Bastions favour was the fact they followed such a heavy-weight performance from Hierophant.
It was the Italian bands night, but overall there was not a single bad performance at the Green Door Store. .


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