With the release of their new album, ‘Non-stop feeling’,(Listen to the new record here) Turnstile have become one of the USA’s biggest buzz bands in the hardcore scene.
Moving away from the traditional straight up hardcore sound from the early 2000’s, which was commonly coming out of the states.
Turnstile have blended their love of skate music, with their roots in hardcore.
It appears that 2015 is the year that Turnstile really make their mark on the musical map, touring all four corners of the globe.
Just an insight caught up with drummer Daniel Fang a few days before the release of the new record.

Daniel said: ‘Anyone waiting to hear the record can expect new Turnstile songs. We’ve grown and changed as people since the last release, so the songs probably have too in some way.
‘The best part about touring is getting to hang out with friends in different places across the country, so there are so many hi-lights of every tour.
‘Skateboarding and the music associated with that culture influences the band for sure. We have never deliberately chosen a route or anything — it’s more like whatever we like musically or aesthetically finds a way to reflect itself through Turnstile.’
Turnstile was never intended to become a touring band, with members in other touring bands, or school, or due to work commitments.
However, after their EP ‘Pressure to Succeed’ picked up some huge attention, the demand for the band to tour – not only America, but the world – became huge.

turn live

Even with this huge buzz surrounding the band, they still take a very chilled out view of their band, taking each day as it comes.
This comes across clearly when Daniel talks about the bands love of dogs and Indian Buffets.
‘For the first two years of the band, we didn’t do much actually.’ Added Daniel.
‘We definitely feel fortunate that people can get into the music. Our other bands have probably had influence on how people first heard the Turnstile demo.
‘But I’d like to think that ultimately the bands sound kept people listening.’
‘When recording we spent a few weeks recording at Salad Days studio with Brian McTernan.
‘We’d pretty much record for a couple hours at the beginning of each day, then hang out at the Indian buffet down the street, then spend the rest of the day watching Inside Out videos on YouTube.’

Turnstile have now set off on their record release tour with Take Offence, Superheaven and Forced Order.
It is set to be a busy year for the five-piece who have teased the idea of coming back to the UK before the end of the year.


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