As a young lad growing up, I have always been into superheroes and it would be lying if I said I never had the thought of creating my own superhero persona.

So when the ‘Hiro’ of Disney’s latest film Big Hero Six gets to do exactly that the younger me got full of excitement.

Now before you start thinking this is going to be the same old Disney film, you have to think how their films have changed in the past few years, and this being the first proper collaboration with Marvel since they were bought out by the fairy-tale company back in 2009.

One thing that makes Big Hero Six stand out, is just how incredibly funny the film is right from the first introduction of Baymax. As we have touched on the subject lets talk about the Michelin man like leading star of the film.


A kind hearted inflatable robot whose main function is to serve as a personal medical device to help heal, but thanks to Hiro Hamada he becomes so much more, but still keeps all his lovable traits without losing an inch of his charm.

Hiro is a boy genius who comes up with a robot that could change the world, before his project is destroyed in a tragic fire, which also takes his life. With Baymax now his only companion, Hiro sets out on revenge for the person that took his brothers life.

On the surface this may come across as your standard revenge movie, but this would be too simple. With Marvel bringing some of the most scientific advanced teenagers to the table and Diseny bringing the emotion there are several layers to this story.

It is a story about a little brother dealing with the sudden death of his older sibling who introduced him into a life of science and the friends who would soon become his superhero team.


But wait there is yet another layer, which I am not going to go into as I don’t want to post any spoilers, but lets to it this way. Diseny really know how to tug on your heart strings in several ways.

You will laugh, you will cry and you will cry with laughter. One thing that is for sure, no matter what your age you will leave the film wanting your own Baymax to follow you every command, or just be there to give you a hug.


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