Music is an ever changing landscape, 2014 has been no different, with new bands breaking onto the scene, new albums it has been hard to really establish which bands really made their mark.

One band that has really stamped their mark on 2014 is Employed to Serve, if you went to any show up and down the country this year I can guarantee you will have seen this energetic, post-hardcore bunch bouncing off the wall of some small venue.

From their first demos to now, recording their first full length, ETS have been on a non-stop mission to get out and about in the UK scene. It is amazing that they have found time to record in between all the touring they have done this year.

Tours with Razoreater, Stallone, OHMNS, Pariso and Let It Die has really seen the chaotic sound of ETS ring in many peoples ears and it looks as though 2015 is going to be just as busy, with the release of their first full-length and a European tour with Renounced already in the pipeline.

Something that puts ETS apart from the rest is their full throttle, energetic live performances that has kept fans coming back to see them all across the country.

We caught up with guitarist Sammy Urwin, as ETS close out the year, ready to kick into 2015 in top gear.

Sammy said: ‘It’s definitely been a busy year for us, we’ve had so many awesome experiences this year and met a whole load of new people.

‘I feel your stage presence should reflect what you are playing. So this in mind we always approach a show with the intent of giving an intense stage performance, however we never want to force it.

‘If for whatever reason the vibe isn’t right we’ll hold back a bit but more often than not we try our best to put on an energetic live show.

‘I’m all for diverse line-ups because it keeps things interesting. A good example of mixed billing was the recent weekender we did with our label mates OHMS and Body Hound. Now these are two bands that we sound nothing like yet the line-up worked. It was a really interesting mix of extreme music with a lot of different influences.’


2014 also saw the release of the bands first EP ‘Change Nothing, Regret Everything’ released through Holy Roar Records, which has helped massively with the bands exposure. I remember seeing them in a small show in London just starting out, now they are one of the biggest bands in the UK.

In the tail end of the year the band wrapped with recording their first full length album , which will come out early 2015 and the promotion for the album has already began on a massive scale.

This will once again see Holy Roar put the record out and a European tour with Renounced already in the pipeline shows that 2015 is already set to be a busy one once again for ETS.

‘‘Change Nothing, Regret Everything’, is the first EP we’ve done as a full band so we were a bit nervous as to what people would think of it.’ Added Sammy.

‘We were very happy to hear that reviewers who had been following us from the start thought it was our best release so far. This is always good to hear because as a band you always want to get better with each release.

‘Justine (lead vocals) and I have been fans of bands on the Holy Roar roster for sometime and when we first started recording the early ETS material we thought we may as well send him (Alex) some tracks to see what he thought.

‘After that we stayed in contact from time to time but it wasn’t until we started playing shows in mid 2013 that we started to discuss a release through Holy Roar.

‘In regards to the new album, I like to think people can expect more diversity from this record. I’m proud of the EP but I feel as a band we have grown.

‘We also have two additional members since the recording of ‘Change Nothing’, JJ on Guitar and our new bass player Jamie. With new members have come new influences, further adding to the sound of the band.’


If ETS weren’t already busy enough, some members of the band are in other bands. Notably Sammy who also plays in Math-grind band Oblivionzed.

Somehow they manage to juggle everything and find time to live a normal life and keep things ticking.

Sammy told us how the band are able to mix everything together: ‘We try not to release stuff around the same time as our other projects to avoid any possible tour clashing.

‘That said we have toured together and played together a fair amount. ETS has toured with Jamie’s other band Artemis twice now and we’ve played with my other band Oblivionized countless times too.’

With 2015 just round the corner, the next chapter in the ETS story is about to begin and if you haven’t already been following them, now certainly is the time to do so.



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