James Lock

I have realised after only doing these weekly posts for three weeks that they are a bit bleak in subject, but unfortunately that is the case with the news today, bad news sells. I was struggling for something to talk about this week until an article by the Daily Mail was brought to my attention by – of all people – The Hell.

The article referred to 15 year-old James Lock, who hung himself in a woodlands while ‘apparently’ listen to Slipknot.
Now as a fan of heavy music this does not resonate well with me at all. OK yeah I may have gone through my ‘Emo” phase but if anything heavy music helped me through that. The stigmatism that goes along with fans of heavy music baffles me.

It goes to show that now even in 2014 that mainstream media still doesn’t have a grasp on the message metal bands want to pass. They are an outlet of anger not a reason to be angry. Ok you could call some of Slipknot’s lyrics ‘disturbing’ but I’m sure Corey Taylor and his gang never sat down and though What song can we write that a kid will kill themselves too.

The fact that The Hell have acted against the journalist who wrote this article makes me happy as a trainee journalist myself. If I was handed this story I would not have held as much emphasise on the fact that Jack had recently got into metal music. For all we know he may have been having several problems and listening to metal was his outlet,

What made this even more prominent was the fact that James mother got in touch with the Hell and explained her side of things rather than attacking another rock band.

People need to stop being so naive on subjects they know so little about and open their minds so that stories are told correctly.

Sports Round-up 

So this week the nominations for the goal of the year were announced. You had Robin Van Persie’s diving header, James Rodriguez moment of genius and Stephanie Roche.

If you are not aware of Stephanie then don’t feel to bad as with a lot of female sports personalities in male dominated games they don’t get the publicity they deserve.

The goal which combine great skill and technique received over three million views on youtube, and got the Irish woman a professional contract at French club ASPTT Albi.

Not only is it great that Roche is the first woman to be nominated for Fifa’s Puskas award, but the amount of support she has gained from all across the sport


The best thing is that Roche does have a great chance of winning the gong and it will be interesting to see how the voting goes come January 12.

But this begs the question should we as a nation start to pay more attention to women’s sports. The English women’s rugby team recently won the women’s world cup and the Women’s football team have always done consistently well.

So should Women’s sport get more mainstream media time. I think yes, they aren’t any less talented than men. To make a loose like if you look at women in WWE they are equals among the men, so why can’t all other women’s sport.

Will there be a time when we are consistently watching match of the day with men’s and Women’s games being shown along side each other.

The Follow-up 

Eric Garner

I didn’t really want to go over old ground, but I think that yet another African – American has been needlessly killed.

Eric Garner was chocked to death by a white US police officer. Garner was apprehended by the officer after apparently selling cigarettes without a tax stamp on them. After Garner repeatedly told the officers to stop harassing hi, the officer then applied the illegal chock hold.

In a video that has gone viral you can clearly hear Garner’s disdain saying ‘I can’t breath’ but the officer is relentless.

However it is a completely different story when a white person is involved. Officer Frank Phillips was fired when images appeared of him choking 21 year-old student Jarod Dotson. The difference between Dotson’s case and Garners is that Dotson was actually causing problems in being drunk and disorderly, whereas Garner was just standing around. Oh yeah and the fact that he is WHITE!!
My other half has good friends in America who are black and they are scared to even leave their house. One of them told her ‘I feel like we are being hunted’
But I put the question to anyone who cares to read this, why as we approach 2015 is this still allowed to happen. America has a black president now, good, but surely if actions aren’t taken against those needlessly killing innocent people what is the point?


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