This week has seen one of the biggest films of my generation release a trailer for its next instalment. The Jurassic World trailer came out on Tuesday night – three days before its previous scheduled release – so why move it forward?

It has become a common theory that it was pushed forward to defuse the media frenzy surrounding the scrutiny of the US police force.

You have to be hidden under a rock somewhere to not have been aware of what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  The killing of 18 year-old Michael Brown has sparked world wide uproar of how black people are treated by US officers.

The fact that the officer (Darren Wilson) has been given a clean slate for killing an innocent young man is completely mind blowing. When news broke that Officer Wilson had not been charged, it reignited the flame for the riots but as always, the media have tried to drown it out, by giving the public a feel good outlet to take peoples minds off what was really happening.


This all happening at the same time as another, young black male is shot dead, in Cleveland. The young boy had a toy gun and was shot for waving it around. But once again the officer has walked away Scot free.

I have a few friends in America who are constantly on edge because of the way that their police department is run. The number of gun crimes in that country is staggering and it really makes you question as to why gun laws in the states has not been changed.

We are now approaching 2015 and still in this day and age there is racial discrimination. Everyone talks about a free world and a multi-cultural society. I understand that here in the UK gun crime is quite low, but we still have racial hatred towards people. People need to wake up and take count of peoples ignorant actions, not just on your door step but world wide.

Tamir Rice

Sports Round-Up


This week the sports world was shocked by the death of 25 year-old, Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes. For those who don’t know Hughes was unfortunately hit by a bouncer bowled by Sean Abbott. The ball bounced and hit Hughes in a gap in his helmet.

He was rushed to hospital and passed away on Thursday morning.

This has raised the issue of safety in the game, but in my opinion this was a freak accident and a one in a million chance that this will happen again. Ok yes helmets could be redesigned so there are no gaps, but the idea of making the ball softer is just not the option.

It has been part of the game for years, so why does one isolated incident have to change the whole aspect of the game.

I’m not dismissing the tragedy of the lose, it is a shame that such a up and coming sports personality’s life has been cut so curly short.

As well as sending all my thoughts to the Hughes family, a lot has to be said about the character of Abbott. The bowler has a lot on his shoulders since the incident, he has been offered counselling, but he has spoken out saying he may step away from the game, which is a massive commitment to someone who previously cricket was his life.

If Abbott does decide to continue playing cricket I believe the whole cricketing world will give him their support and I think that shows how community driven sport really can be.


If you hadn’t already noticed from this post I don’t take racism lightly at all. In the world of football, campaigns such as Kick It Out have always done great work, but recently it has peered its ugly head in the footballing world.

The appointment of new Wigan manager Malky Mackay, who allegedly sent texts of homophobic, racist and sexist nature when still in charge at Cardiff. Since this incident Cardiff chairman Vincent Tan has publicly condemned Mackay at every opportunity.

Now that Wigan chairman, Dave Whelan, has become involved and got himself in a very sticky situation regarding his own views and the FA have now charged the Wigan man for making anti-Semitic comments.

Now it is hard to totally judge Whelan as he is a man of a different generation when these flippant comments were a bit more acceptable, but now that he has been seen to have breached FA rules I for one thing he should step away from the game just at least until things cool off.

One final note 

Generally I don’t like to write about hobbies as I like to keep this as a formal platform for me to air my views but I think as a wrestling fan this does need to be addressed.

CM Punk recently appeared on the podcast The Art of Wrestling and for the first time since leaving the WWE spoke openly about the business that he once loved.

Now I am a massive Punk fan, as straight edge super-star and pushing through you average Joe guys not just monsters, he has done a lot for modern wrestling.

Even with this it has shocked many (myself included) how disrespected, the longest reign WWE champ in the modern era became. There was even a point where WWE could have potentially could have put Punks’ life at risk (and people still say wrestling is fake)

I most shocking thing to come out was, no only did the WWE fire Punk on his wedding day, but made him work with a inexperienced wrestler (Ryback) who severally injured him on more than one occasion.

CM Punk

Hearing Punk talk openly about this has reaffirmed my love for the guy, he didn’t make the decision to step away from the company, they did that for him.

It will now be interesting to see if the WWE react accordingly or if the machine will continue ticking as if nothing ever happened.


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