LIVE REVIEW: War Wolf @ The Anvil, Bournemouth, Novemeber 21st 2014


This was a welcome return to the Anvil – formally the Ibar – in Bournemouth for a night of fast heavy music. upon entering the venue we were welcomed by breads, denim cut-off and studded jackets left right and centre. Showing they demographic this show was set to appeal to.

Kicking-off proceeding were local rockers KLLR, who played a mix of old school rock with Black Flag style vocals. Despite their combination of good riff’s and the creepy vocalist on-stage demeanour.

Evening with their hard punk sound their dry on stage persona give nothing to enjoy. Watching their set just seemed to go on forever and it wasn’t particularly something I’d rush back to see again.

Following suit were fellow local lads Goatthrone. This was a bit more like it, more energy, blasting drums, and a vocalist who threw himself about a bit. They were still a little rough around the edges – some guitar riffs got lost in he blast beats of the drums – but this was one of the bands first shows (if not their first).

The band describe themselves as Hipster-crushing Satancore, not quite sure this was delivered in their performance but there is certainly room for this band to grow and get better.


Rounding off the trio of local acts were Double Cross – who without being too harsh – were probably the worst of the lot.

We could barely hear their guitar, couldn’t figure out what sound they were going for and the vocals just sound dreadful. I am not a fan of crust punk to start with but this just cemented that fact.


The first out of town band were Crossburner from Milton Keynes. Playing their brand of dark hardcore in the vein of bands like Trap Them, Cursed and Black Breath. I say their own personal brand, I’m pretty sure I heard a total rip-off of a Black Breath riff at one point.

This being said the band did start getting the crowd going, with their very animated bassist and front man putting all his energy into the performance.

I think I would have enjoyed their set slightly more if it just wasn’t so generic.


Following next were Teef. Now I know that I am going to be a little bias towards them as they are currently one of my favourite UK bands, but after performances like this it is understandable why.

Their blistering set is always great fun to watch with a very aggressive front man to back the music they are playing. They even managed to get the first and only ‘mosh pit’ of the night going.

In closing song Soul Sucker, heads were banging and ended up with vocalist Lloyd Denman launching himself into the crowd.

Shortly after half the members of Teef, transformed into two thirds of War Wolfar . In comparison War Wolf are a lot more riff orientated and sludgey. This being said they are just as good as Teef.

As the set continued you could see the back-to-back sets were taking its toll on the drummer but he managed to carry on blasting the drums and with the roaring vocals rounded off a great night of music.

war wolf


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