INTERVIEW: Bloody Knees

blood 1

The UK alternative music scene has never been so strong. Nowadays it can range from anything from metalcore to pop punk. One sub genre that has take the UK by storm is the ‘Grunge / Emo’ revival.

One band that people have put under this bracket is Bloody Knees. 2014 has been a year that has scene them really come to the forefront of the scene and have been picked out by many as a band to watch in the coming year.

However despite being in the media spot light and now being signed to Dog Knights Productions, the band are still all about having fun and just playing shows.

We caught up with drummer Tom Wilkes before the band set out on tour with Circa Waves.

blood 2

Tom Said: ‘I love touring so much. Seeing new places, meeting and partying with new people. Playing the drums every night too, It’s so much fun.

‘I can always remember going to gigs when I was super young and being blown away at the power of the proper loud bands, they always seemed to stick with me so much more than the bands with drummers tapping on the cymbals and guitarists trying to keep their valves in good condition.

‘Both Dog Knights and Art Is Hard who put out our other record have been so lovely to work and party with.’

Bloody Knees have been a band that have been on NME’s radar for a while, but remain humble about all the attention they are receiving.

Everything that has come to this band has been met with an element of surprise.

In a sub genre that some people think is becoming a little over saturated Bloody Knees manage to keep their sound fresh, but from chatting with Tom it is clear that the four-piece are all about having fun. That is shown in their music videos just how much fun these four friends have.

Tom continues: ‘We’re getting quite a wide fan base, it’s cool. You get the more UK emo grungey guys from some of the heavier shows we play and the indie kids from nme featuring us.

‘One thing we love is being fucking loud. Steena from Honeyblood would not stop telling us how loud we were when we toured with them.

We are going out on tour again in January/February with our mates, release something somewhere along the line, play a shit load of dates constantly and keep recording. That kind of thing. You never know maybe a late night chat show pilot for Sam (Guitar) on BBC 3.’

It is clear there is a lot more to come from these boys and we cannot wait to hear / see more of them all around the country and further afield.




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