LIVE REVIEW: Famine @ The Hope, Brighton, November 6th 2014


The Hope in Brighton is slowly becoming on of my favourite venues, small intimate and perfect for heavy music. What more could you want.

On this occasion it played host to some grindcore / punk bands with a little bit of noise thrown in for good measure.

Opening the show were local punk rockers Worthy Victims. When they first stepped on stage they seemed very awkward and almost as if this was their first show. Once they songs and energy begun to flow the band really got into their rhythm.

Their brand of rough punk was very reminiscent of old 80’s / 90’s punk bands such as Black Flag and Fugazi driven with a political message buried in their music. They certainly were a welcome surprise to open the show.


Jumping on next was last minute replacements The SLM. Due to a band pulling out and them being on tour with rash Decision, they slotted in the empty gap nicely.

Playing more upbeat than the other bands on the bill, their tongue incheek punk songs made for entertaining listening. Even if their music was not particularly you cup of tea their between song jibes at each other got a few laughs from the audience.

Singing songs about zombie sharks, teenage mutant ninja turtles and all things from our youths really did brings a smile to your face.SLM

Then the show took a turn for the bizarre, when noise act, Hardworking Families took to the stage. Now I understand that noise is not everyone’s cup of tea (including myself) but I can appreciate what they do, however this was just odd.

The same looped backing track going over and over,  wearing a red visor in front of his face, then handing out pictures of Kilroy Silk, it was very uncomfortable to watch. Granted this is meant to be the point sometimes, but this I could not get my head around.

Fast pace business resumed in the shape of Dog Eggs. Having only previously hear a little bit of their material, I was intrigued to see how this blend of skate rock and grindcore would work live.

The answer, perfectly, I was left smiling ear to ear as this blend of groovy riffs and blast beats was something fresh and I absolutely loved it.

It left me wondering why aren’t more fastcore bands playing music like this.


Keeping with the Thrash theme, Rash Decision burst into their blistering set already in fifth gear. With a brand new set of material to smash through, it is great to see that thrash punk in the vein of Municipal Waste is still relevant in modern punk music. They even got the first pit of the evening off the ground.

Rounding off the night was grindcore duo Famine. From my only other experience of these guys they truly leave your face melted from the sheer pace they play at.

Once again they did not disappoint. The vocals were slightly too low but that did not affect their performance. With insane blast beats and shredding riffs. Famine are certainly the way forward in UK grindcore.


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