FILM REVIEW: Nightcrawler

Everyone knows someone like Louis Bloom, a person that you are very cautious around and clearly is a bit unhinged.
Bloom is the latest character in Jake Gyllenhaal’s repertoire, as it looks like the actor is starting to hit the peak of his career.
Nightcrawaler follows the obsessive Bloom discover his ‘Calling in Life’ after witnessing a car accident, followed by seeing a man with a video camera rush to get footage of the horrific event, then sell the footage to the highest bidder.


The ever eager to please Bloom sets about starting his own ‘Video news collection service’, the difference being that Gyllenhaal’s man seems to lack any moral fibre and is a new view of these ‘Stringers:, under the idea of ‘If it bleeds it leads’, this starts this unusual character on his rise to success.
Along with nervous Assistant Rick, played by Riz Ahmed, Bloom goes out into the night to get the best footage and be the first on the scene. As the cracks being to show the insanity that runs through Blooms head and that his man’s moral compass is not quite aligned correctly.
There is one scene that really shows Bloom’s true colours, when his assistant drops the ball and when he gets home he screams at his reflection in the mirror. Showing that nothing but perfection is acceptable for the articulate young journalist.


When the perfect opportunity presents itself and Bloom holds all the cards and has is own future in his hands.
This dark tale of one mans’ rise to success has clearly put Gyllenhaal centre stage and after his great performance in Prisoners, there are whispers that the Donnie Darko star should be short-listed for an Oscar.
Director Dan Gilroy has said in interview that he doesn’t expect people to like Louis Bloom, from the opening scene he is a thief beating up a police officer, but you are transfixed on the character and you want to know what the hell makes him tick.
The further the film goes along the more perverse Bloom becomes, this is a great film to just watch someone unravel in front of your eyes is just perfect.


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