INTERVIEW: The Lion and The Wolf


A lot of people go travelling on their own, but to go on tour with just a guitar and playing to a room full of people may be daunting for some people.

This is what faces Tom George AKA The Lion and The Wolf as he takes is brand of acoustic rock all around Europe.

The singer-songwriter, originally from the Isle of Wight, has seen all his hard work come together in the past year.

Touring a full-time, as well as the release of debut album ‘Symptoms’ on the horizon, it looks like the latter part of this year is going to see The Lion and The Wolf really explode.

We caught up with Tom while out on tour in Germany to discuss the growth of The Lion and The Wolf

Tom said: ‘I always wanted to play some shows with a solo prject, but didn’t think I’d end up leaving work and going for it full time. Best decision I’ve ever made, hands down.

‘I used to spend all of my holiday allowance on touring anyway, I worked in retail just so I could get enough time to go and play shows as much as possible. I moved to London to try and play more but sometimes wouldn’t finish work until 10pm.

‘Touring in Europe is incredible, I’ve been on a few ‘rider’ tours, shall we say this year and everything just runs smoothly. You are greeted, fed, given a place to stay the majority of the time and people get down to shows early. Doors are normally at 7 or 8 and the first act isn’t on until an hour after that, so you are playing to people.’


When the recording process was under way for ‘Symptoms’, it was a rather long drawn out ordeal, but Tom wanted it to sound perfect and off the back of the recordings ended up doing a few shows with a full band, something he is hoping to do again in the future.

Having been doing shows for four years now he has been on bills with all different types of bands and has witnessed some bizarre incidents while on the road.

He has played well over 100 shows in this year alone, nobody can question Tom’s work ethic.

The Lion & The Wolf – Hand of Applause from Robin Pailler on Vimeo.

He continues: ‘I am a slow songwriter, it really does take me a while. I had 8 tracks lined up and figured I would do a mini-album of sorts and then see how it turns out.

‘It was going to be done over 7 days and then at the end of it I sat down with the guys from the studio and they were like, why don’t we spend a year on it and take our time.

‘It did give me more time to turn it into a full length and write a record to the best of our ability.’


Having conquered the UK and Europe, Tom is looking further afield for 2015 as the constant touring continues for one man and his guitar, or maybe that may not be the case.

Tom adds: ‘Next year is when I want to play more shows as a full band.

‘I have also got some pretty cool things in the pipeline. One of them being heading over to Canada for a tour in spring which would be incredible.

‘I have also started writing new material which I am so stoked to show people.’




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