Balance and Composure @ The Joiners, Southampton,November 1st 2014


It had been a long time since I was excited about seeing a UK band on a big tour, but for Milk Teeth this was a band I was really looking forward to seeing. Since the release of their EP Smiling Politely I have been massively into the punk, grunge vibe this band have. When walking into a half filled Joiners I was a little disappointed, I think the sound played a huge part in this as the guitar tone didn’t sound quite right and front man Josh’ vocals seemed to be a lot louder than bassist Becky’s. You can seen the whole 90’s grunge thing works for them but tonight it may have just been a bum night. Even their big hitter song Grease lacked the power it does on record. Would certainly see them again but on first viewing it wasn’t at all what I had hoped for.

Following up were Seahaven, who announced their presence on the stage by stating the fact they hadn’t been home for two months. This set the tone for the rest of their set, with all members looking very nonchalant and appeared to be fed up of being on this tour and wanting to go home. Musically Seahaven are a very tight band but their brand of indie, emo just gets very boring very quickly. Throughout their set their front man just appeared to be very egotistical and high as a kite the whole time.


After a bit of a lackluster start to the show all hopes laid with Balance and Composure to provide a big performance and the boys from Doylestown, Pennsylvania did not disappoint. Kicking straight into a higher gear than either of the previous bands. This is the first time that Balance and Composure have toured the new album The Things We Think We’re Missing in the UK, so naturally a lot of the newer material made up the set list. With the odd song from Separation thrown in, but it was a song from their split with Tigers Jaw, Burden that got the best reaction from the crowd. The surprise of the night for myself was that towards the end of the set the played Enermy which I think was a very bold choice but one that worked really well.

It is clear to see why Balance and Composure are one of the biggest bands in the punk world, and this sold out show at the Joiners was proof of this.

bc 2


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